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Infrared Body Wrap

$100 per session
6 sessions for $250

Infrared helps the reduction of cellulite (fatty clogged, water logged tissue), and promotes weight loss by helping to breakdown fat.

By helping the body to burn many calories per infrared body wrap session (up to 1500 calories), it is revving the metabolism with the calorie burn and, therefore, supports the body fat reduction which leads to weight loss.

Because infrared heats the body from the inside to outside of about 1 ½ – 2 inches deep into the skin, an infrared body wrap encourages detoxification of accumulated toxins and metabolic waste through sweating.

Using infrared improves circulation, cleanses and tones, as well as improves the skin’s elasticity.

How does an infrared body wrap help to reduce Cellulite?

Cellulite is a gel-like substance made up of fat, water and wastes which are trapped in pockets below the skin. Toxins accumulate in the body during modern daily living and the body eliminates most toxins naturally by sweating but the process is sometimes too slow. Infrared can assist this condition, as infrared heat therapy stimulates the sweat glands that cleanse and detoxify the skin. The infrared heat technology simply speeds up the body’s natural process.

How does an Infrared Body Wrap Help with Weight Loss?

As every individual is different, fat loss from an infrared body wrap will depend upon the physiological make-up of that person. So the greater the excess weight someone has, the faster and more dramatic results will be seen. Some people may not experience a great weight loss, but will see an improved body appearance by losing inches or dress sizes. Extremely physically fit people that don’t carry excess weight or inches can experience much improved muscle tone. The more physically active a person is, the greater the benefits that can be achieved from an infrared body wrap. A less active person may take longer to see results as their body must grow accustom to the infrared body wrap heat therapy.

Can I drink water before or after an infrared wrap treatment?

It is highly recommended to drink water before, during and after a session as this allows the body to stay hydrated and replaces body fluids that have been sweated out during the session. Sometimes if someone sweats excessively, electrolyte replacement may be needed.