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Permanent Makeup

Thanks to Permanent Make-Up …Women have it so much easier!!!

Women want to look their best all of the time, whether they are at the gym, or wake up late with no time to apply eyebrows, eyeliner, lipliner and lipstick permanent cosmetics is the art of implanting soft color into the skin for the appearance of a smudged or smokey eyeliner, to hair-like strokes in the eyebrows, scar camouflaging or the correction of tiny/thin lips to give the illusion of full and beautiful ones.

Colorless lips are defined, lips appear fuller, eyebrows are perfect, eyeliner is flawless, and scars are undetectable. Each procedure is done under sterile conditions with minimum discomfort. They are performed with only the best in anesthetics used for a wonderful and comfortable experience.

There are many choices depending on what you want. Whether you suffer from arthritis, vision problems or, simply have a hard time just applying your makeup, permanent makeup is your answer!

Permanent Makeup Options

Permanent “fill-in” Eyebrows – $300

MICROBLADING EYEBROWS $400 (3-6 month touch up $150; 7-12 month touch up $250)

Whether you’ve lost your own eyebrows to over-plucking, disease processes such as (Alopecia) or for patients after chemotherapy, this is by far the most sought after procedure. Eyebrows frame the face and give it expression. Soft color is implanted combined with hair strokes complete a natural looking brow. Customized colors are chosen at the time of the procedure. If you do have sparse hair in the brow line we can help shape the hairs to compliment and create the desired shape.

Permanent Eyeliner

Upper Liner: $200
Bottom Liner: $150
Both Top & Bottom Liner: $300

You can choose an eyeliner that is placed just at the lash line to make the lashes look fuller or, choose a bolder line, depending on your taste. Most women prefer thin, natural shaping around the eyeline to either enhance the lash line, provide more definition or intensify the color of your eyes. Choosing how subtle or thick the eyeliner should be is discussed at the time of your consultation.

Lip Color

Lip Liner: $300
Full Lips: $400
Full Lips & Lip Liner: $600

To women the shape, size and color of the lips are a focal point of the face. The tiring experience of lipstick rubbing off, smearing onto the fine lines around the mouth or onto your teeth! You can now have permanent lip color or lip liner that compliments your natural skin tone! We can help you choose either a liner, the entire lip to be colored or both! Lip liner can be implanted as either definition around the mouth making it appear the entire lip has color by gradually transitioning the lip liner color so that it doesn’t appear as a line but as a natural definition around the mouth. You can also choose a deeper color as the lip liner and then blend that in with a lighter color for the entire lip area. Lining the lips is paramount to creating shape and balance to lips that either need reshaping or women who desire a fuller, more sensual mouth. Another wonderful benefit to permanent lip color is that it can alleviate the look of fine lines around the mouth. When permanent color is implanted properly it can take years off of one’s face. Scars can also be concealed and cleft pallet patients have benefited by this procedure as well.

Areola Repigmenting – $300

Permanent color in this area improves the appearance of a colorless or asymmetrical areola due to surgical scarring or lost color due to aging.